【vol.263 雜誌節錄】藝術的翅膀:羽化為蝶,飄洋過海 The Migrating Butterfly from Japan to Taiwan
「漂亮的花有很多品種、情懷,我畫形色各異的女子也是如此。」"There are many different kinds of beautiful flowers, and they have different personalities. The reason why I paint different kinds of women is similar to that feeling."


八館ななこ Nanaco Yashiro 

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With a touch of fauvism, Japanese painter Nanaco Yashiro incorporates elements of shoujo manga into her work, merging them with her classical training from Joshibi University of Art and Design. She arrived at her signature style under the guidance of her professor. Being perfectly organized by nature, Nanaco developed a system to record all her color palettes. Through trial and error, she has managed to present a unified color scheme across all her analogue and digital artworks, with attention to detail and harmony in equal measures.



Q: Have you always preferred acrylic gouache as your primary choice of medium, particularly from what brands? We understand you keep it in clear containers and on paper palettes, does it dry fast? After it’s dried, do you reactivate it with water before applying sprays and varnishes?


■ About the painting materials

I usually use acrylic gouache. I use Turner's acrylic gouache. Also, I love the texture of canvas, so I can't leave out the canvas. When I paint for commissions or jobs, I often paint digitally due to time constraints.

■Clear containers 

By getting into the habit of adding water or medium to the paint in the clear container on a regular basis, the paint will last approximately three months. Sometimes it would last for more than six months at the longest. I try to maintain the paints so that they can be used for a long time since I can reuse the paints I used last time when I start the next piece of artwork.

■Paper palettes

Paint that adheres to the paper palette will completely harden and become unusable. However, I often keep it for my records because it gives me a better understanding of what colors I tend to use most often.

Source: Nanaco Yashiro, 陸角銀藝廊
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