【vol.263 雜誌節錄】青春期是一輩子的事 The Everlasting Puberty
「身為一名藝術家,雖是成人,在畫作中以少女的形象示人,一方面真情流露,另一方面,擁抱自己的稚嫩與不成熟。」 “The girl in my painting represents not only a young girl in puberty but also people of all genders and ages. But the reason why I chose a girl as the figure is because it reflects the environment I grew up in.”


黃惠暎 Hwang Hyeyoung
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From a family of artists, South Korean painter Hwang Hyeyoung is known for her acrylic paintings that explore three classic themes: Cloud Girl, Little House, and Box. "Cloud Girl" captures the ever-changing nature of life with great sensitivity. "Little House" serves as a metaphor for self-representation, while "Box" symbolizes the generosity and containment of the artist's inner world. Through her use of quirky and eccentric details, Hwang not only personifies but also revitalizes every subject she depicts with her subtle yet refreshing touch.







Q: You mentioned that a Little House can be a symbol of yourself or a space you want to rest in. When did you first draw a house as a representation of yourself? What inspired the shift to drawing a space you actually want to be in?

A: When it comes to the concept of home, I believe it shares similarities with human beings. Its exterior is always exposed to the outside world, while its interior serves as a personal space.

I began to feel this way in my late twenties when I had a desire for a space that was truly my own, both in society and at home.

One influential source of inspiration was Virginia Woolf's essay, "A Room of One's Own," which emphasizes the significance of having a completely independent personal space. Reading this book twenty years ago greatly influenced my thoughts.

Since my practical class in college when I was twenty, I have been continuously working on self-portraits throughout my twenties. Through this process, I shifted my focus from my external appearance to my inner self, which naturally led to a desire for a space where I wanted to live—a place I could call home.

As time went by, my home became a space for relaxation, but it also occasionally felt confining, with a sense of both imprisonment and protection. This ebb and flow was very much reflected in my artwork.

In my self-portraits, despite being an adult, I transform into a girl who candidly expresses her emotions while accepting her own vulnerability and immaturity. My artwork captures moments of relaxation and confinement, as well as a range of emotions and mental states. It reflects the energy I seek to cultivate within the space I call home.

Source: 黃惠暎 Hwang Hyeyoung, Collast
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